Love The Smell of Linseed Oil

One of my oldest memories is one of me telling people I wanted to be an Artist when I grew up.  There have been pockets of time when I put the brushes down during my adulthood, but I always come back to them.  I’ve come across resistance, acceptance, support and silence from others when it came to my dream career.  Thankfully in the long haul, I had the common sense to listen to my own inner voice, to do what I love and love what I do.

My favorite way to express myself is with oil paints.  I love the way they smell, how velvety they feel on the palette knife and on my brushes, how they stay wet for days, how organic they are and how messy they are.  I love how if you barely touch the canvas with your finger it gets all over the place.  I love how the linseed oil emits a smell throughout the house that takes me back to art school.

The painting above is titled “Orange Man”  I painted it when I was a young art student and it was one of the first pieces I did in oils.  I created it with palette knives and some paint thinner poured over the top.  Its an old one but one of my favorites.


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I am an Artist and Author of "Thinking Outside the Frame: How Artists Make Actual Money in the Virtual World"
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11 Responses to Love The Smell of Linseed Oil

  1. Very nice painting Gayle. It takes me back to art school as well.

  2. Have to say I Love that smell too, it’s my favorite to work with too… I just need to get my hands on some more as soon as I can afford to, I’m running dangerously low! lol… You have some cool work, I checked out your website and what-not from Gravatar! Look forward to seeing more and talking to you as well sometime! 🙂

  3. belgradestreets says:

    I had forgotten that smell…what a beautiful evocative post…

  4. rhondablue says:

    I remember that smell and how it lingered all the way down the hallway as in preparation for what you going to get to do for the next 4 hours.

  5. Sharon McCameron Whyte, MFA says:

    I know the smell you talk about…however I’m allergic…but love to oil paint, so I discovered Walnut oil…doesn’t remind me of art school, but it works great! Keep painting….and thanks for visiting my blog too!

  6. artfulhelix says:

    That is also one of my earliest memories. I told every one I would be an artist, a writer, a poet. I am now, I am an artist of many hats! Keep it up, I like your work.

  7. I know what you mean about all the above. Love the oil drips in your painting too. Thanks for liking my post.

  8. I have been recently, struggling with life choices; this is a very timely post for me. Thank you.

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  9. Hey Gayle…
    Painting beats photography hands down on the odour scale..Just tried sniffing my camera for the first time and…Nothing!
    Thanks for visiting my blog
    Stuart 🙂

  10. Thanks for finally writing about >Love The Smell of Linseed Oil | Gayle’s Paintings <Liked it!

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